Reflection of 2012

Wow. 2 years! I have broken my self imposed tradition of updating my new year summary for the first time. I thought the 2010's article was quite memorable. It brought smiles when I read them.

I contemplated for a while, whether is it even necessary to reflect on the year. Facebook does it pretty well, having sum up key events, flavour with pictures and comments quite accurately.  Yet, it felt strange, when your life's milestone is defined by computer algorithm.

2012 is unique in a way, as it has presented me with numerous opportunity to meet new people, and also say sad good byes. Without further ado, here goes the memoirs:

January 2012

 The year begin with the conclusion of my first property search, where I have decided to buy 38 Bidara, Bukit Bintang. It wasn't a new, nor a spectacular building, but its one that I felt quite homely.

February 2012

This will be the 2nd CNY I will be celebrating since I joined the bank. A year ago, I came in knowing nothing about banking. By a stroke of luck, I had the job I didn't know I wanted which turns out to be amazing experience.

For a job well done, I was rewarded with a Lion Dance.. in my very own room!!

For a job well done, I was rewarded with a Lion Dance.. in my very own room!! The best reward, is of course, the wonderful people I met in throughout my tenor in Kuantan, both customers, colleagues and friends. 

Little did I know, this will be my CNY with this group of people.

March 2012

The highlight of the year, and possibly the most memorable event in my banking career, is the one month - Group Graduate Development Program in UK.

 1 month is long enough to shed tears during farewell.

Here the Malaysian Resident Management Trainee of Batch 2011 #1. In wonder how many of us will remain  few years down the road.

April 2012

With the end of GGDP, I embarked the much dreamt Euro-trip. Just to make it more thrilling, I decide to travel solo, joining a random group of ppl for a budget tour.

In the most unconventional fashion, an African, two Britz, one Indian, and a Malaysian chinese, stuck together for 2 weeks.. throwing random parties, and even had a sleepover together. (weirdest thing to do when everyone averages around 30 years old).

10 countries, 11 cities later,  I had to leave the tour early to rejoin the rest of the Malaysia RMT in Paris before heading back home. They got me a calender with everyone signature/message. Awwwwwwwwww

My 6 weeks in UK/Europe leave me with bitter post-GGDP-depression for the next few months.

May 2012

Launched an online website with my secondary school friends from Kajang, but didnt quite work out. My part was quite a small portion, but I did learn a fair bit from this experience. 

On the career side, things seems to be looking good. Graduated again with a Certified Credit Professional (among the few person in the bank to obtain in the fastest duration possible (less than one year), and the first person to be certified in the East Coast Region)

 June/July 2012

4 weeks of back to back HSBC event.

1) Department trip to Tioman.

2) CSR event in Cherating for the orphans. 

 3) HSBC inter region Rugby game in conjunction with our sponsor for the Asian 5 Rugby Championship. Tackled the CEO to the ground and still survived in the company to tell about it.

4) Organized HSBC Kuantan Sports Club Family Day at Impiana Resort, Cherating.  

August 2012

Another new additional to the family. This time, a jealous one, evident from the picture since day 1.

and I passed my Open Water Course. Certified OWC Diver.

 have not dived since...... shame...

September 2012. 

Happiest Mid Autumn Festival celebration.. ever. We flew the big lanterns (Hong Min Tang?) to the skies, while watching a few of them crash into our neighbours house.

Made a random 13 hour drive, after a happy hour session on Friday evening, to Penang. Never again.

October 2012

This should be a big thing. Except it doesn't feel like it. I am promoted to be a manager in Mentakab/Raub/Bentong, carrying a fancy title of Vice President. There were mixed feeling about taking this offer, though taking up this call is something that I won't regret. 

3 weeks into the job, I left for a short vacation. Made a visit Indonesia, Jakarta, for the first time. Their malls makes our looks backward, though their traffic jam are much worst than I have ever imagined it could beOctober 2012

November 2012

While I'm on a visit spree with the next stop being a local one, Sg Lembing. A decent hike of 1 hour after another hour long bumpy trip by 4 wheel drive, we arrive at the infamous Rainbow Waterfall. Will definitely be visiting this place again in the future.

December 2012

Attended 3 weddings in this month alone : Kok Leong, Joanne and Nicole. Gave a short speech in cantonese for the first time during Nicoles wedding.

And with that, the year ended with a blink of an eye. It seems this year have been pretty much defined by meeting new people, travel, work related social events, and ppl getting married. 

So, 2013 came with a colourful bang, as Sarah and I sat by Marina Bay Sands, hoping the new year can bring fresh challenges and excitement

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