HSBC Sports Club Family Dinner.

Everyone else bought their family there. Being the youngest staff in that branch, and family-less, I felt like I should put myself out for adoption. The commercial banking of Kuantan branch became part of my family, at least for the next half a year.


and the weirdest thing that happen that night? I won the best dress award! Jeez.


Its been great so far.

I already feel like a king. Arrived and checked in at a hotel way above my expectation. My stay here for 21 days cost them around 3-4k.

Working was not too bad. I'm so grateful that I took accounts back in secondary school. Now I'm looking at them on a daily basis. It's nice to have access to all the company records. So don't piss me off. I can check if your are borrowing money from anybody. Lol.

Going to meet the CEO and Director tomorrow. Yay.

Reflections of 2010

Wow! Another decade. It was a long while since 2000, where the worries were about Y2k and 1st day at secondary school. Today presents different challenges; my first day in a new company, meeting day to day's need and also searching for a goal, direction and perspective.

As it was customary to reflect what I have done the the year before; I find it more important that ever, that I write it all out today since I have left almost every significant event of 2010 out of my blog this year. So here to summarize the year filled with trips, milestones and memories.

January - the beginning of the end (of uni life)
It was a great way to usher in a new year with someone special.

and a budget trip to Cameron Highlands with Muharram, Ting Ting and Sarah. This trip turns out to be the most cost effective and one of the trips I really really enjoyed.  Definitely going to come back here again sometime this year.

February - the holiday fever continues
Chinese New Year was celebrated with a trip to Langkawi with my bros, playing 007, small fish big fish till 4am in the morning.

March - my baby.
It grew 1 year older. The 2nd Malaysia Debate Open was remembered as one of the best regional debate tournament of that year, thanks to the awesome organizing team led by Arun and Sarah.

Also, there's a new baby that came to our family.

April - Thermoaccoustic Laminar Flow Engine.
The last stage of my Final Year Project. Somehow, I managed to crap my way though a A-, a journal entry and a lecture in Taiwan with a silly research on thermoaccoustic engine.

May - Mechanical Class of 2010
The final month for MMU's Mechanical Student was a nightmare due to a sudden revelation by our administration that they left out an core subject in our syllabus. So we had 3 days to study for one of the hardest paper in our course. But it also because of this issue, our people in our class got pretty close to prepare for this problem together.

It also turns out to be less disastrous for me as I was the one of the two lucky ones who pass the paper on first attempt (out of 148 students). With that done, my holiday/debate trip for 2 months began. First stop, the All Asians University Debating Championship in Bangkok, follow by a 3 week tour to Amphawa, Krabi, Phi Phi Island and Phuket.

June - Aussie, oy oy oy!!

Had my first skiing experience in Melbourne with Nick. Turns out that I didn't fall as much as I expected. Had 5 successful runs (definition of successful remain subjective) on Mt Buller without breaking my leg

and a great side trip to Ballarat, town of gold mining with Ching Yee, Sebastian, Nick and Alva without any success of finding gold.

Just before I left Australia for New Zealand, I played had my first golf session for this year with my uncle (first of many this year) and his porche. (unfortunately, still the first and only so far).

July - NZ, the city of sheep.. bekkkkk..

Made ESL Finals in Australs, and spoke about politics in a cathedral. (blasphemous)

We droved 300km down south to Rotorua where we had dip in the hot spring at night (where the temperature is at 2 degree Celsius), trespassed someone's lake house and took random pictures with cows at the road side.

And with this final trip, my working life as a Tunnel Engineer in Taiping begins.

August - Merdeka!!
Officially now a graduate with a First Class Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Thank you MMU. You suck! :)

The only thing academic left is my lecture presentation at the WSEAS Conference for Heat, Thermal, Energy and Environment in Taiwan. I arrived there on 19th August at 11.30pm, with nowhere to go, no hotel room book and no friends. Not being able to read in Chinese nor speak Mandarin well, I wandered alone for the next 3 hours in search of the cheapest budget hotel to spend the night. 

Thankfully, the rest of the days was much better. After my conference, I dragged the guests in my hostel (8 of them) to a club, and we partied at downtown till 4am.

Coming back home, Sarah and I had a quiet independence day celebration at Penang and Taiping.

September - Surprise surprise!
Had my first surprised birthday party!! With all the thambi, puki and minum. Bros and hoes for life :)

October - Tunnel Breakthroughs
It was THE month for the Tunnel Team of this Electrified Double Track Project. A major progress was made with our tunnel breakthrough of the left bore on beginning of October and right bore on the end of November. I was lucky enough experience it despite working for a mere 3 months then.

Heck, we were even on all the major newspaper in Malaysia. Forever proud that we have contributed and played a direct role in Malaysia's infrastructure development.

November 2010 - Kingdom of Far Far Away
... is actually not very far away at all. It's just down south, in the Universal Studio of Singapore. 

It really felt like we left earth and went into a fairy tale land. Singapore does seems to have everything better. Damm.

December - Season of Joy and Happiness.
I never had a job interview before prior to the HSBC's. So it was quite a blessing that I received the job offer, on my first attempt, at a field that I am absolutely clueless about. 

Still dwelling in confusion, I suddenly realized that it was Christmas, resigned from my job, and welcomed new year without making any resolutions. It was an abrupt end, maybe perhaps due to the fact that I really didn't see it coming. That 1st January of 2011 is today.

 Looking back on all the things I went through, I really wondered, did so many things happen in just one year? 

Thank you 2010, I hope 2011 will be equally kind. 

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.