Today is officially my first day working as a full fledge engineer in Gamuda.  I have spent much of the last 2 week whining about the fact that I’ll be placed far away again, this time in Taiping; a town in the middle north of Perak.  A town without big shopping malls and popular franchises.  A town of laid back lifestyle, with Sunday activities meant picnic at a part. A town that I fell in love at first sight.
Except for the fact that its more than 3 hours drive from home and I have not known a single living soul here, this is an ideal place that I always had in mind (albeit to retire, not to work/live).  The town reminds you of those nice outskirts in the western countries.

I brought my family around the area for 2 days. We visited the Night Safari and Maxwell Hill. The view on top of the hill is quite pleasing. The ride however was not. I nearly vomited during the 20 minute rides up the hill on the jeep.

I started my first day at work today. Will blog about it soon. Freaking tired. Snores.

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