Ballarat, old town of gold.

Will you rent a car in a foreign country, drive 2 hours away, pay over a 100 ringgit for entrance fee just to enter into a old cowboy ghost town?

Logic and sense have deserted me when I did exactly just that. On 24th of June, I arrive at the old gold mine of Ballarat, the Sovereign Hill. 

Fine. It wasn't completely deserted. It is after all, a major tourist attraction for those who go to Melbourne. And since it's the first time I entered a gold mine, it was fairly exciting... in a way.

I get to pan for gold, in the cold (rhymes). And I got nothing. :(

After panning for 15 minutes, I looked as stupid as this sheep.

There isn't awfully much to see at Sovereign Hill. I wouldnt really recommend people to go especially if you have very little time to spare. Of course, when you're like me who's there for the 3rd time with nothing on my schedule, then you can perhaps consider place.

The one thing I found fairly interesting what gold. (duh). There's this session where you get to see them pour molten gold and form it into a bar.

And guess how much that bar's worth. 144 000 Aud Dollar!!!!!! For such a small thing. And I had a rare opportunity to hold it for a minute. (with a gun pointed very closely to me.)

Maybe.... it will be more fun if I steal it and run away with the typical horse cart. Reenact an old cowboy gold robbery.

That should add some life to this boring old gold mine.

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