Earth Hour

What was I doing during Earth Hour?

I have no idea. Simply because I don`t even realized that Earth Hour came and go. Troubled with my Final Year Project, I had very little empathy towards anything at all. Environment, something that I quite passionate about, took a back seat. Simply put, my 'Earth Hour' had simply faded.

I was talking to the mechanic from the Exhaust modification workshop. Hoping to get some information on the structure of the exhaust system, I questioned him about the catalytic converter. I was surprised that he answer he just usually take it out and throw them away.

*the catalytic converter ensure all the black fume and harmful emission is converted into carbon dioxide and water.

Of course, in doing that you gain a little bit of efficiency and power in the engine, at the expense of the environment. I could have at least contributed and attempt to convince him not to do so. But the lack of knowledge probably prevented me from saying anything. So much for studying Internal Combustion Engines, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfers.

You know all those common folks sayings that studying so much at university is actually pointless. At this point, they are quite right.

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