The month later.

Whoa. A full month since I last updated. This got to be the longest 'dry' season for this blog.

I hard to imagine it`s only been a month since last Christmas. It felt like a lifetime, yet it felt as if it`s just yesterday. There`s nothing much to update to be honest. There are a few milestone though.

Sarah and I are together. Officially. I don`t know when, or which point in time. But I guess holding hands in front of my parents some how made it set in stones.

There are quite a number of work to be done for the Malaysia Debate Open. And the politics with it and the club is burdensome. Bunch of immature kids with no principle and ability to prioritize made this tournament one that I couldn`t recognize at all.

I`m leaving for a holiday tomorrow.  I guess I might be able to pen down something here :)

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