Hopes and Disappointment

I don`t know how to start up the day worst. To know I did some mistake in my final mistake, or to find out that I had below average marks in both my coursework for two subjects.

It`s hard to comprehend really. How did that ever happen. Getting marks below average. It`s fine (to some extend) if didn`t scored the highest. But below average. WTF. Also coupled with the fact that i actually spent some effort studying in this semester, what is the message that I`m getting?

That I`m stupid?

That I`m too arragont to realized that?

or simply, this are circumstances force on me to be humble.

I resent these. There was a glimmer of hope, that I can do well. But that hope turn into a dissapointment. It usually don`t happen. I always knew what I was getting into. Not this time. I don`t know what went wrong. I don`t know how to make it better.

I`m tired. There`s no point trying everything all over again. Enough of restart. I just want everything to end.

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

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