Wow, A complete lack of updates.

I`ve been writing a fair bit over the past week. None of it is on this blog, or msn shout outs or on facebook. It seems there`s very little attachment left for my online social networking sites. I finally have a life? Lol

Significant highlights in the past 1 week.

1) I`m extremely glad to see more than 25 articles in the pipeline since came in to help to restructure the Student Publication Board. I have also get a fair bit of complain of "Bossy, likes to order people around" title. Which is absolutely fine with me.

2) Argubly, also earned the title of most kepoh student on campus. I knew exactly what event`s happening at what time, and place, and the reporter who`s assigned to write up on those article. On the contrary, I don`t even know my lectures time table.

3) Skipped too many class that I think attendance now stands at 10%

4) I moved my piano to my new home and got it tune. It sounds amazingly nice, though I barely have time to play it.

5) Went for a lan party last Saturday and played Dota in a team fulled of pro players. It`s extremely scary. My team won before any of the other team reach lvl 10. I contributed absolutely nothing to the team :)

6) My uncle came down to took my motorcycle back home. I tried not to use the car too often and got myself a bicycle instead to save the environment.

I guess that`s the updates for now. I need some motivation to go to class and study for my mid term next week. I think I`ll be in serious trouble if I continue skipping more classes. Till then :)

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