The quest to get a banner

Alex goes to ask someone:

Person A : The banner is in the store room
*goes to the store room and finds it lock.

Person A: The key to the room is with Person B
*goes to person B

Person B : Oh, the door lock is actually spoil.
*for how long?
: couple of months
*then why are you not fixing it?
: waiting for person C to buy the replacement lock
* goes to person C

Person C : I think we have a spare lock somewhere in the room. Ask back Person A
* goes to person D

Person A : Ouh, yea we do have a lock, but we don`t want to break it down. We need to ask the maintenance guy.
* loses patience: then why don`t you call the maintenance guy.
: It`s lunch hour. I`ll call after lunch.

2 hours later

Person A: Oh, I forgot to call, let me call them now.

1 hours later :

*maintenance guy no where to be found.

At the end of the day;

The store room is still lock and no banner


miss messy 12:05 AM  

sounds rather familiar :) good luck. hope you get it in the end.

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