Chula BP Asians Debating Championship

Q&A: Why do I update my blog less frequent than before.

I write a lot more these days. It is just that I write a lot less here in my blog, because I find writing about myself is simply not worth it.

I was in Thailand for a week to attend the 1st Asian BP Intervarsity Debating Championship. Though my motivation for going there is not so much to debate, but rather to see some old friends that I met in previous tournament.

But typical to other international tournament, I end up meeting new people and spent most of my time talking nonsense n between rounds. I had made it quite clear that I want to quite debating, and been trying very hard not to attend anymore competition. So this time, I took a number of days off from debate to go sight seeing around Bangkok.

Having said that, it`s so painful to see that some other teams are up there in the finals, while I sit around doing nothing. It was that spark of jealousy, disappointment and anger that nearly tempted me to go back and train for debate again.

My juniors, which end up finish in the bottom half of the tabs.

Maybe a nudge from God will go a long way in helping me deciding what to do. :P

Donating in the some temple. lol.

Until then, beer will do just fine.

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