Chula BP Asians Debating Championship

Q&A: Why do I update my blog less frequent than before.

I write a lot more these days. It is just that I write a lot less here in my blog, because I find writing about myself is simply not worth it.

I was in Thailand for a week to attend the 1st Asian BP Intervarsity Debating Championship. Though my motivation for going there is not so much to debate, but rather to see some old friends that I met in previous tournament.

But typical to other international tournament, I end up meeting new people and spent most of my time talking nonsense n between rounds. I had made it quite clear that I want to quite debating, and been trying very hard not to attend anymore competition. So this time, I took a number of days off from debate to go sight seeing around Bangkok.

Having said that, it`s so painful to see that some other teams are up there in the finals, while I sit around doing nothing. It was that spark of jealousy, disappointment and anger that nearly tempted me to go back and train for debate again.

My juniors, which end up finish in the bottom half of the tabs.

Maybe a nudge from God will go a long way in helping me deciding what to do. :P

Donating in the some temple. lol.

Until then, beer will do just fine.

Goals/Target/To-do list

It`s been a while since my thoughts bothered me so much till I can`t sleep. I`m not sure what prompted this, but there are so many things running in my head right now. I think, at the top is probably my academic results.

It has made me quite depress after scoring quite badly last year. I had a 3.53 gpa and it partially contributed to the reason why I took a semester off. My cgpa went to 3.75 after that and the prospect of graduating with a 3.85 (my initial target in my 1st year) is unachievable. It was disappointing when the Student Affairs Division and Exam unit wanted to recommend me for the President`s Award (highest award given to a student) but couldn`t because of my horrible grades. (they need at least a 3.8).

It was the first time that I was limited by academic performance. Having been slightly above average all the time, things usually fall in my favor. I got into the university of my choice, the scholarship that I wanted. When facing with this stumbling block, I felt like a crippled. I had absolutely no confidence in my application to Cambridge due to such mediocre academic performance. I don`t have good communication skills or any special talent in engineering to boast either.

I have been side track too many times, but for now, I think the first step is to get my grades back up to 3.8. I found out there are 2 subject that I can retake to push my grades significantly. Those two subjected that I screwed up pretty badly due to my commitment to debate tournaments. Since I don`t have that much time to spare, I`ll probably retake one of it. Just by dropping that subject will pushed my current grades to 3.78, and scoring an A will push it up to 3.796. If I go all out and take another subject while scoring A for the rest, I can effectively push it back up to 3.86.

Though that would mean having no life at all, camping in library everyday, and waking up for 8am classes. I definitely don`t think it`s worth it. There are so much that I wanted to do. Fulfilling the vision of the student publication board, ensuring my debating club have proper leaders to take over and continue to achieve.

So after all this reflection in the past two hours, these are the things that I have pledge to do:

1) Consult my lecturer on retaking Strength of Material (first year subject)
2) Graduate with at least a 3.80 pointer.
3) Win an engineering award for my final year project.
4) Ensure daily update on my university online news portal.
5) Getting at least 1000 people on campus to read the news
6) Daily meetings for the board 3-5 pm.
7) Daily group study session at night. 8-10pm

All I need now is the strength and will to carry on.

Wow, A complete lack of updates.

I`ve been writing a fair bit over the past week. None of it is on this blog, or msn shout outs or on facebook. It seems there`s very little attachment left for my online social networking sites. I finally have a life? Lol

Significant highlights in the past 1 week.

1) I`m extremely glad to see more than 25 articles in the pipeline since came in to help to restructure the Student Publication Board. I have also get a fair bit of complain of "Bossy, likes to order people around" title. Which is absolutely fine with me.

2) Argubly, also earned the title of most kepoh student on campus. I knew exactly what event`s happening at what time, and place, and the reporter who`s assigned to write up on those article. On the contrary, I don`t even know my lectures time table.

3) Skipped too many class that I think attendance now stands at 10%

4) I moved my piano to my new home and got it tune. It sounds amazingly nice, though I barely have time to play it.

5) Went for a lan party last Saturday and played Dota in a team fulled of pro players. It`s extremely scary. My team won before any of the other team reach lvl 10. I contributed absolutely nothing to the team :)

6) My uncle came down to took my motorcycle back home. I tried not to use the car too often and got myself a bicycle instead to save the environment.

I guess that`s the updates for now. I need some motivation to go to class and study for my mid term next week. I think I`ll be in serious trouble if I continue skipping more classes. Till then :)

The quest to get a banner

Alex goes to ask someone:

Person A : The banner is in the store room
*goes to the store room and finds it lock.

Person A: The key to the room is with Person B
*goes to person B

Person B : Oh, the door lock is actually spoil.
*for how long?
: couple of months
*then why are you not fixing it?
: waiting for person C to buy the replacement lock
* goes to person C

Person C : I think we have a spare lock somewhere in the room. Ask back Person A
* goes to person D

Person A : Ouh, yea we do have a lock, but we don`t want to break it down. We need to ask the maintenance guy.
* loses patience: then why don`t you call the maintenance guy.
: It`s lunch hour. I`ll call after lunch.

2 hours later

Person A: Oh, I forgot to call, let me call them now.

1 hours later :

*maintenance guy no where to be found.

At the end of the day;

The store room is still lock and no banner

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