Island Bound

There are many ‘first in life. Your first walk, your first time out of home, your first birthday, your first day at school…… This is my first time, taking a ferri through a car. (or was it a car through the ferry). Anyway, I was pretty excited about the whole idea of driving up a big floating machine, and crossing over to Penang Island by the sea, and the car moving with the engine off.

It took about 15 minute to cross over , and if you don`t have to queue up too long, it is the best route to take when crossing from Butterworth to Penang. Crossing over by the bridge will be another 30km detour. Using the ferri saves fuel, time and (fun?).

Pei Nee finds the wind annoying for messing up her hair.

3 more weeks here and counting. I need to explore Penang as much as possible before I leave. There are a few more landmarks that I really wanted to to visit. The botanical garden, reserve forest, the dam, and also the cruise ship. It almost made me not wanting to leave Penang. :)

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