September 09

It`s closed to a full month since I last updated!!! I`m not sure if it`s because of the lack of any interesting thing happening, or just pure laziness. So, based on my photo albums, here`s a summary of what happen since my last entry.

I finally blew a birthday candle this year. Albeit only one of them. Yay :)

Had a on site construction experience. Going into a R4A Telekom manhole. ewww.

Finally solved the Rubix Cube.(through layer by layer method). *after being challenge by sze ping to solve it within half a day.

And my kittens grew bigger!! they are no more the tiny, blue eyes cat anymore. But they are still equally cute and much more playful. The white one constantly bully the poor quite black kitten. Saw her bitting another`s tail.

I realized that I took only a few pictures last month. Even when there`s photo worthy opportunities, I was kinda lazy. Like the night at Sky Bar, the sunrise at Penang Bridge and the visit to Islamic Art Musuem. I had lots of pictures of the kittens though. :)

4 more weeks till the end of my internship. I miss you Malacca, will be back soon!!!

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