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The technology of heating up things through waves have long existed. Microwave sends rf signals in 2.5ghz which only elements like water and fats absorbs. I used to think they achieve some form of resonance, and through superposition, we have atoms vibrating at a extremely high amplitude. Just like ppl, when you move a lot, you feel hot. (ok, lousy analogy), but essentially, with the higher energy, we have higher vibration and hence, higher temperature.

I was just thinking if we can somehow send wave that is out of phase with the vibration, we can effectively halt the atom`s movement and achieve extremely low temperature. The only problem is that this theory is flawed. Atoms doesn`t vibrate in a sinusoidal wave, (or at least I don`t think it does), which is why the term was 'RF is being absorb by water molecules" rather than resonates. I`m also not sure how atom vibration in solid state differs from those in gaseous, where atoms zooms randomly in Brownian movements.

But it`s quite a cool concept to think of anyhow. Refrigeration will take embark on a new process. (it already is with the emergence of thermoacoustics).

And on another thought, it will be quite cool to have a portable microwave device also. Just beam at a food and it heats up. Beam at ppl you don`t like, and look at them get boiled. Lol.

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