A plot of music Anime - going crazy part 2.

*this is a continuation of myself being driven to the brink of insanity due to my ongoing research of my fyp. So once again, do not question the logic of the things I say.

I have typically narrow down my scope of research to solar generation; Stirling engine, thermoacoustics and micro chp (combine heat and power). And what really impress me right now was the whole idea of Thermoaccoustic. Simply because no one really understood it completely yet.
That a lot of grey area, giving rooms for speculation and bizzares theory.

Or it makes a good plot of anime. (where logics can be bend anyway).

Thermoaccoustic accounts for the conversion of thermal (heat) energy to sound. With some stacks (stell wool or other suitable metals), and heat, you can in a way achieve some form of resonance, and some application of the doopler effect, (don`t ask me how). walah, we get our kinectic energy.

So how is this anyway intersting. Now, imagine for some weird reason, the resonance can achieve 1000x its amplitude if a form of arrangement sound and pitch is right. This creates a whole new energy generation through musics. And for some even stranger reason, classical musics provides the best output. Whoever produces the best music are regard as the most powerful person as he controls the most energy.

And here`s a story about a talented young pianist who`s growing up in an academy that trains this 'energy harvest' (think of a better name). In his quest, his being subjected to all corporate conspiracy, politics, and wars.

and as of know, I kinda lost interst in what I`m writing. So yea.....going back to google and wikipedia for my research.

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