Of Stirling, solar, engine, heat and energy.

Reading about things and gaining knowledge is always a good thing. But reading too much without being able to comprehend them simply makes one more confused. There too many random things going on in mind right now, and confuse is probably an understatement of the state I`m in now. For the past few days, I was blur the whole day and was having sleepless night and frequent nightmares.

I`ve been matter loading the entire week in preparation for my final year project topic selection. I knew I like energy and always wanted to do something regarding conservation, regeneration or co-generation. It started with types of alternative energy, to relativity theory, to quantum physic, particle physics and now back to simple thermodynamics. And now mass is energy, time is non existence, (in the energy context), lights are counted in packets, and heat can be directly converted to sound before converting to kinetic for electricity.

And I have lost all sense of logic, and reference, and limits of nature. Currently, there`s this thing that have been bugging me: why do we use energy to remove energy. Think of it in the context of air conditioning and refrigeration. It consumes significant energy to chill an area, taking away heat (a form of energy) from that system.

The simplest explanation will be of course lie to the fact that we are decreasing temperature from the ambient, (a point of reference), and hence creating some form of potential (not sure if this statement is right since heat is uni directional,). And of course, not all heat is useful (concept of exergy). But the entire earth can be recognize as a form of energy storage, and in reference with the absolute (say 0 kelvin, or the universe), our ambient is itself a form of potential.

Humans have raised the earth`s temperature by almost 2 degree celcious, through all the industrial acticities. That`s a massive increase of energy. Why is it possible to trap energy but not being able to release it. What kind of technology that will be able to operate between the ambient environment and the limit of absolutes?

*I know none of those made sense. Hoping someone can knock back some of it back to my head.

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