The last weekend

It was as quiet as it can get. One would expect people to party till they drop dead on their last. Any last. Here I am, spending 12 hours in the office, walking endlessly on Jusco, wondering whether I should buy the shoe that I have been eying for the past one month.

There are things I had in mind. Like going for a hike at Penang, walking around the day, or just spending my afternoon at the botanical garden. But in my plans, there`s always someone there. In the absences of companies, those plans doesn`t seem too interesting anymore. The internet and arcade filled in the void just fine.

So, here`s to my last weekend at Penang. A toast to the end of 4 months's (academic) isolation and a life back in Malacca.

*in all fairness, I did enjoy my time here. I had my share of clubbing, hangovers during the morning in office, and sports till I can barely move. Cheers.

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