Effie's visit to KL

About 3 weeks ago, Effie came with her bf, Jonathan for a short holiday in Malaysia. I find my self knowing embarrassingly little about my own country. We were to meet at the Islamic Arts Musuem, and I don`t know where it is. Heck, I never even knew we had one.

*and I`m pretty damm sure all you Malaysians who are reading this have no clue where it is either.

It was a pretty good museum. Fantastic design, surprisingly well maintained (obviously from government funding), and like all government`s white elephant project, completely deserted. At the cafe, we were pretty much the only person around. While every single road in kl is cramped with family cars heading for their weekend shopping.

I forgot to take picture in that museum, but I did take a few at the Bird Park about 1km away from the place. Bet you didn`t know either, that the KL Bird Park is the largest covered aviary in the world. I`ll swear I never going to offer to be a tour guide in KL anymore. lol. (at least without researching before hand).

The park was quite amazing in my opinion. They had a cafe where one can have tea and food at the balcony with birds flying around you. And we a silly looking horn bill staring at us for quite some time.
Little did we know, it was a diversion. The horn bills real aim is the left over food at the table beside us.

With a bill that long, its a wonder how they eat. Chewing a simple fries required techniques of throwing, biting, moving it to a different angle, bite again...... jeez, and I thought our life are difficult.

*btw, anyone realized that Effie look remarkably identical to Claire in that picture?.

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