Penang trip with family.

Before anything I would like to thank Adelene, Hayati, Terri and Jamie for your calls. There are about 20 other ppl who wish by text, and a whooping 80+ (I stop tracking after that) by facebook message. Since it`s silly to list to everyone here, I hope it`s enough to give just a BIG thank you to all.

This year was a break from tradition. No presents, no cakes, no hugs. Noting. It would be a lie if I say I`m not disappointed. Especially when your best friends, and ppl you knew more than 10 years didn`t even wish you. But then again, it`s one of the cons of growing old, and being away from everyone else for quite some time.

On the up side, I went on a mini holiday with my family on Sunday in Penang. It`s crazy, driving back to Kajang on Friday night, and head to Penang on Sunday morning. I have never drove for 1000 kilometers in mere 2 days ever! I have spent more time with my car then anyone else in the last weekend.

My family arrived at Penang around 2pm. After having our lunch, checking into Tune hotel, it`s 4pm before we head to Penang Hill.

It`s been 10 years since I last went up to the hill and I have almost no recollection of the place. There`s nothing much to do there to be honest. There`s an overpriced tea mansion where things could be in Thai Bath currency and I`ll still call it expensive. (1 ringgit = 10 Bath).

There`s a tree that was about to fall and I was 'preventing' it from crashing. Basically this area is a remnant of the colonial era, where the buildings still reflects the western architecture with beautiful gardens and hedges. There`s even a display of one of the oldest post box in Malaysia

Notice that letter inlet have been sealed off. Apparently, people tired to be funny and actually tried sending letters with it. Click on the picture below to read the plate at the bottom. It`s states that the thing have been around for almost 2 centuries!

It was about 7pm when we reach back at the foot of the hill. We visited Ke Lok Si, but unfortunately, it`s already closed by then. We had dinner at Gurney Drive and I left back to BM after that. My grandma, mom and bro took a bus home the next day while I work up half a day late for work. :P

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