MSLS 2009

The Malaysian Student Leader Summit was a lot better than I expected. There were many impressive speakers and big shot (some times, they are mutually exclusive) invited to gives speeches and subjected to endless questions by students.

Perhaps, my biggest surprise was the level of hostility in those forum. People were actually far more vocal than the lines that were usually drawn by our government. *and if people say I`m rebellious, that those ppl are definitely revolutionary. Both the students and panelist was debating on contentious issue, with conflicting idea and stances. Tun Mahathir was called a hypocrite by a student, Dato Wong Chung Wai was called ignorant and chidish byDato Saifuddin and Utusan Chief Editor was accused of playing the racial card in his newspaper. (followed by a thurderous applaud by the audience).

It was differently a different experience, having a summit organized by a foreign insitution (UKEC) attended by a bunch of students, with a significant majority studied at UK. Student always enjoyed (almost) unlimited potical capital, and this summit had definitely impress me enough to believed so.

and like all conferences/event, you meet old friends. Though this time, I had no appointment with them whatsoever. I was half afraid that I`m going to spend the time alone. Turns out, I found 8 familiar faces.

More events like this, Malaysia will definitely steer in the right path towards a greater democracy.

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