Malaysia's 52nd Independence Day

I realized that this year`s Independence Day is one that I felt nothing at all. *Ironic, how can you feel nothing? What I`m trying to say is the usual patriotism, unity and love your country euphoria is not there at the slightest bit. It’s funny really, how a person can remain so indifferent despite the radio and newspaper spend the past 2 weeks speaking nothing expect for unity and the spirit of Merdeka.

I believe cynicism has probably taken the best out of me. It wasn`t until I drove along the empty roads of Cyberjaya, a small appreciation of the country appear out of the deep corner of my thoughts. That also quickly disappears once I`m reminded of all other political issue that plagued the country since the last election. I grew quite tired of politics and the world 'government'. It`s ridiculous really. Communism sounds like a better way to go at times.

I really hope that all of us can disassociate the government and the country. Only then, I can truly wish, Happy Birthday Malaysia.


Enajuis 6:55 PM  

so true..

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