The boring phrase of life.

I`m officially a boring, lifeless, old person. I have finally fall into the routine of work-sleep-repeat for 6 days with occasional movies session in between. So the only thing I can blog about is perhaps some of my site visits. Some of them are fairly interesting (in comparison to the life I have right now, the benchmark is really low).

I find the pylon structure really interesting. I reminds me of the giant ginger bread figure I used to draw last time. Of course, my drawing was never much accurate to begin with... so yea. It looks something like that. Or its just my inclination towards and structures that are tall, or somewhat mighty. The pylons towards the right are part of the regional grid lines. One screwed up, and half of Seberang Prai won`t have electricity. Yay!

The picture above is the jacking pit for pipe jacking works. This is where the machine is lowered down and drill a hole horizontally across to the side`s pit. I never thought that installing a pipe underground can be so troublesome. Especially for critical ares like places under the track line, slopes on hills and etc. Leakage can cause settlement and soil erosion, just like the one happen in recently at Batu Ferringgi, Penang. So the pipe have to be placed very deep (about 6 meters) and protected by reinforced concrete. Just laying one simple pipe can cost up to 100k. So the next time a pipe burst, just imagine those poor JBA guys forking out the money.

*and those poor guys working at the hot and muddy area.

The machine just broke down and work`s stalled for the moment. That seems to be the most 'interesting' news I`ve received these days. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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