What I like in Bukit Mertajam.

I like the fact that my work place is only 5 minutes away. I don`t have to wake up too early to go to work.

I like the curry mee I had today.

I like the shopping malls around here. They have the biggest Jusco I`ve seen, with a few other big malls that are all within 2o minutes.

I like having (at least) a friend who studies around here If I`m being sent to Kamunting instead, things could be much worst.

I like having internet connection all the time, even at a very slow speed.

I like my new car, and been driving it every single day :)

I like a shop, where every dish cost only 2 ringgit. You can order 4-5 dish on a single meal.


I`m just trying to list down all the positive things to make sure I don`t dwell in misery much longer. Sigggghhhh.

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