St Anne`s feast day

*I`ve lost my enthusiasm to write. This entry is more of a simple note of event that happen rather than a blog post. Its also about time that readers stop coming here since I really doubt there`ll be anything worth reading anymore.

St Anne`s feast was one of the few things I look forward to since I was here 2 weeks ago. For one, there will be the crowd that was gathered there, and hence an opportunity to meet different group of people. Secondly, my grandmother will be visiting as well.

Though when the day arrived, it wasn`t really as exciting. I pretended to be sick and took a day off. I had dim sum for breakfast with my grandmother, and joined her and her tour group for the rest of the day till mass starts at 8.30 pm.

I didn`t took many pictures. It was too crowded and the was too dark. The is probably one of the nicest churches around (in terms of architecture) Perhaps one day, I`ll take its propor picture during the day.
There was a queue everywhere you go. A queue to the old church to offer your candles. A queue to the shrine. Even a queue to the toilet.

In the end, it was very tiring, and I got to say I didn`t really enjoy very much of the day. But then again, I didn`t really enjoy anything much for the past couple of months. It does seems something is lacking and there`s a void of contentment every night before I go to bed.

That said, this is perhaps, the closest I came to find peace with myself, even when it's just for a few minutes in pray.

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