Melbourne - Part 4

New Quay

The defining monument of New Quay is the giant ferries wheel. (Eye on Melbourne?) And like all giant ferries wheel, it`s expensive, empty and not functioning properly. This one been malfunctioning for half a year.

That said, the New Quay is a awesome place to go for a weekend family outing.

Plenty of nice shops with competitive price, even for Malaysians. But the biggest attraction was the homely feeling of people shopping with the rest of their family.
On the last day in Melbourne before I left for KL (the journey of a thousand horror) I visited Yarra Valley. The place where most wines were made.

So we took a tour to the wineries. We went to a total of 3 actually, and all of them offered different wines for tasting. I tasted a little more than 10 types of wine. Yay :)

We also saw the wine yard

and the breweries
but the best part was it, the scenery around this valley is stunning.

Imagine being drunk in this area. You`ll won`t be much mistaken to call this paradise. :)

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