Melbourne - Part 3

Hey guys. I`m ok. I`m so touch that many of you are concerned. The good news is, I`m cleared of my quarantine and I`m finally back at Sydney. I`ll continue to post what happen at Melbourne for now :)


On day 4, I went out to the city alone to meet Ei Leen. I haven't her for more than a year now, and was looking forward to catch up with her. We met at Central before heading to Liagon St (the street for Italian food) for lunch.

On the menu was pizza and pasta. Its been a while since I had really good pizza and pasta so I was really happy. (and to be happy, just don`t bother convert that price to Malaysia. You`ll vomit all your food out of guilt).

We sat there for quite sometime. Talking about the good old days and conceeding we both are getting too old. 2 hours later, its getting too cold to just sit dowm, we decided to walk around the Yarra river.

The place gives you a pretty good view.

Ah, if only we had cooling weather and nice riverside in Malaysia. :)

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