Living a nightmare.

Before I post Melbourne part 3, let me break it to you guys; I`m back in Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know. My mom got a shock of her life :P (as intended by that surprise). In fact, it was only the day before my flight back home that I decided to board on the plane. At 3pm, Tuesday, 9th July I have 2 flights waiting for me. One to Sydney, and the other back to Malaysia.

Couple of hours prior to that, I wasn`t sure which one to board.

My holiday was planned perfectly. Fly to Sydney, visit Nick, come back, go skiing with Ching Yee, attend 2 debate tournament, visit Phillip Island with Fiona and attend my last debate tournament. But in life, where everything is unpredictable, on Monday I received a call which bears unfortunate message. Nick`s grandma pass away, and his family is making an emergency trip back to Malaysia.

It was also the day where Melbourne is declared as the world`s swine flu capital. I shouldn`t stay there, I don`t wander around Sydney alone... I decided maybe I should come back. Of course, there are also many other factor that finally convinced me to make the decision to come home to Malaysia.

1) Its actually extremely thoughtless of me to have allowed my grandma to go home alone. With all the luggage and navigate through the fairly big KLIA, she could have easily gotten lost.

2) I can sort out all my unsettle internship matters.

3) Sent my damage passport for renewal. (if you have seen my passport, you`ll know why)

4) Spend some time with Nick who`s back in Malaysia as well.

5) Attend the ICRC debate tournament this weekend.

6) Escape the winter!!

7) and lastly, MAS is having a promotion, so I can fly back to Sydney with Nick next Monday. My one way ticket only cost RM 470.!!

Thought I really regretted the minute we landed. Malaysia was freaking hot. But the biggest nightmare came after I visited the immigration to renew my passport.It took a while to sink in, and tears nearly flow out.

It takes ONE MONTH to renew a damaged or lost passport.

I was devastated. With the advise of a security guard (who seems so much more knowledgeble than the idiotic officer), I rushed to the headquarters in Shah Alam. I spent the whole day there filling for an appeal. At the end of the yesterday, I was granted a chance to meet the Director today morning.

And fate decided to make things funnier when I was told this morning that the Director is on course for 1 week. Thankfully, the misfortune ends there, and the Deputy took in my case and ask me to come on Sunday to process my passport. (the immigration office there opens half day on weekends)

It has been 3 days of unexpected bad news. I hope things will turn better for now. Phewww

*results coming on in a few days time. Keeps fingers crossed.


Alex's coursemate 9:27 PM  

Hi Alex, regarding ur passport, why don't you just fake an emergency, they'll usually get it done then and there itself! This tactic always works in Malaysia.

Or another alternative would be applying for a new passport? RM300 seems like nothing these days, besides you are already saving so much money on ur planned next trip to OZ so why not...

Alex 10:08 PM  

well its not fake. It is an emergency, with my flight leaving. So they will take 3 days. And we still have to make that 300 payment irregardless.

Alex's coursemate 10:04 AM  

I'm confused actually. You are basically RENEWING your passport right, since you already have one though it is damaged? So that means these goons have different policies for renewal of damaged and undamaged passports?? Unbelievable.

I remember renewing my passport, and i did it within a couple of hours, just had to bear the wait in their KL HQ, apart from that everything was smooth runnin.

Anyway, i saw this in the Immigration Dept.'s website FAQ section, and it speaks volumes:

My friend from China came to Malaysia and was given a Social Pass Visit (SPV) for 30 days. The problem is she has overstayed. I don't know what to do. Please help.
Chinese citizens are allowed to stay for 30 days only with the Social Pass Visit. For Chinese citizens who are given the Business Pass Visit, the duration of stay in Malaysia is only 30 days. Please come to the Enforcement Division, Immigration Department Malaysia TO SETTLE THE MATTER.

Have a nice day.

Alex 12:40 AM  

Well, `im just happy to get my passport now. :lets just hope i don`t die from swine flu over the next one month in aussie. :P

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