The day before the debate.

I find it harder to cope with problems these days. I ended up feeling very stress up, frustrated and I get tired of it very quickly. It could very well be signs of getting old. Or maybe perhaps it’s also the magnitude of these problems.

For example, yesterday I just had a call that the whole bunch of my debaters decided not to come to Australia for the tournament. I had to spent half a day to sort things out and finally found out the culprit who gave misleading information which lead to that trouble.

And the new ruling that we have to be quarantine if you come back from Aussie regardless of having symptoms or not, mean I will have to miss part of my internship. That`ll be quite a problem as I already don`t have any luxury of extending my intern. My classes would have start by then.

Those aside, I`m really beginning to enjoy the quiet life of staying at home. I wake up in the morning, cook lunch, walk around the neighborhood, play the piano, go online, read a good book and retire for the day. While most people been screaming, ALEX YOU`RE WASTING YOUR HOLIDAY, I felt that this was a good break from all the running/and travelling I`ve done. In fact, I think, I had enough of those and would really mine settling down for a while.

Tomorrow, the hectic schedule of a debater will kick in. 2 weeks of debate with three tournaments. Wish me good luck and the best of health J


miss messy 2:04 AM  


heard from ash that you're doing MORE than fine :D hope you'll come back safe and sound then! good luck at the customs though :p looking forward to hear all the stories!!

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