SMU Hammers Debate Tournament

I was down at Lion`s Land again (Singapore) last weekend for another debate tourney. I know, it`s like a week before my finals and I really didn`t want to go either.

Moral of the story : Don`t be a debate club president.

Though it wasn`t too bad. Apart from wasting loads money, meeting lousy teams junior teams, and getting feedback from adjs worst than UiTM`s..... it`s actually a fairly productive trip... not!

But I guess there were other fun thing that happen along the way. Like the "African Union" that convene after a debate regarding the AU.

And the night at Clark Quay, which I have not visited for half a year. I still love that place to bits, despite having absolutely no money to spend there.

Despite thing changed (like how Singapore is a lot more dirtier now), prices are still as expensive, and my wallet remain equally thin.

*that small drink cost me 35 ringgits!!!

Moral of the story : Clubbing is a horrible waste of money; regardless whether its Singapore or Malaysia.


Aik 6:25 PM  

Actually, I'm kind of hoping I'm good at debate too. It makes me feel like a lawyer. But alas, I'm not.

Hope = dream, and a dreaming person has to get up, sooner or later.

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