School Days

I was looking back at my (photo) archives and I found a picture during my secondary school year. Presenting The Hill Street High top class of 2004, Setia. Sounds pretty glamorous right? It sounds utter rubbish in BM: SMK Jalan Bukit Kelas Setia 2004
It`s hard to believe that the chapter, seems so recent, was already 5 years away. However, almost every single person is still very much recognizable till today. I don`t think any of us changes that much. I look pretty much the same. Suet Nie is still equally short. Low still looks like a cow.... :P :P :P

Nope, I don`t really miss my school days that much, nor I wish I`m back at school. It`s just a nostalgic feeling. Its one of those, been there, done that and I`m happy. Let`s move on.


Unknown 3:12 PM  

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