A relaxing Saturday,

Sarah turned 18 yesterday, finally.. after complaining for days before that how she felt old and don`t want to reach 18. Yeah, tell that to a guy turning 22 soon in a couple of months. Grrr. I brought 2 bottles of alcoholic drink to 'celebrate' (just a lunch actually) to occasion.

Which I ended up drinking most of it myself since she refused to touch it. *Sipping isn`t exactly drinking. We went to watch Star Trek after that, with a bottle of beer sneaked in. It could be the alcohol, but the movie was absolutely absolutely fantastic. I love that movie so much, that I feel like watching the entire series now.

After the movie, we then warp to Singapore and arrive there in 15 minutes.

What I meant is Perkampungan Singapore in the Mini Asian and Mini Malaysia Park. lol

It was closed then, but another entracce was open, so we just walk in. We visited Indonesia as well.

It reads, Rumah Tradisional Sulawesi.

What I really enjoyed was the obstacle course near Perkampugan Thailand.

this is actually very high already. It`s higher than a 1-storey building.

I sent Sarah home at 7 at met Adelene for dinner. And spent the night reading the Engineering Board of Reveiw cases that might come out in my paper this Wednesday :)

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