It`s 3 weeks away!!

When I booked my tickets to Australia 4 months ago, the day never seems to be approaching. Without realizing it, I be heading my 6 weeks holiday in less than 3 weeks time. YAY. Melbourne looks extremely serene during the winter.

I can`t wait to eat grilled Australian lamb shoulder and try to ski for the first time!!!

If only I don`t have my exams to spoil my anticipation. Sighhh


me, myself + mIcHeLLe 12:33 AM  

hey alex.. u goin aus too? which part? i will be goin at the end of the sem. goin brisbane for a month.

Alex 2:34 AM  

I`m going to melbourne and sydney! Let`s make an arrangement to meet up. Heeee

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