2 days before going to Aussie

It almost seems like a dream. That any second now, I`ll wake up and realized that I`m still stuck in the middle of my semester, and there`ll be no flight to Melb waiting for me.

Sometimes I wonder is it because I somehow don`t want to leave. It is funny how someone always look forward to something, but when it finally came; the prospect does seems that exciting anymore. The past 3 weeks had been extremely pleasant, despite the pressure of the examination. I even manage to watch ALL the latest movie in the cinema.

But as I pack my last box and load it into my car. I was reluctant to leave. Reluctant to say good bye. I felt as if I`m not coming back, forever. Its weird....

I`m distracting myself with vacations spots in Aussie. Snow skiing in Mt Baw Baw, wine tasting in Yarra Valley, a beach walk by the great Oceans, and casino in Sydney.

That said. Aussie, here I come :)

The end of semester

I`m finally down to one more paper tomorrow. It does seems time move too fast. Its hard to believed that I`m leaving to Australia in 4 days time. It`s hard to believe that I`ll be away, away from the people I know here for 5 months. It`s also hard to believed that I had so many damm thing to pack, and its impossible to do so in the 2 days.

Academic wise, I don`t think this is semester is too bad. I forecast my results to be 2A, 3A- and 1B+. Which means that I would probably still get a first class. Let`s just keep my fingers crossed. All the studying in library should contributed to something. Else I`ll swear I`ll never ever study again.

My plans in Australia are almost finalized as well. Albeit, a simple one. I`m going to spend the first 9 days with my Grandma and Uncle. I`m going to make sure I`ll explore the city well enough. Eat all the nicest food and perhaps, go fishing (uncle`s fav past time). I`m also going to make sure I`ll pick up a new piece on his grand piano, polish my pool consistency, and taste all his wine at home :P I`ll probably would bug to visit his factories on one of the days.

From the 10th to the 13th. I`ll visit Ching Yee and Ei Leen. Ching Yee and I planned to go snow skiing at Mt Baw Baw. It`s going to be quite costly, but it will be the first time I`m going to see snow, let alone ski. I`m still looking for people to join the group, so if you`re around, please let call me up and we can go skiing together.

I`ll be flying to Sydney to visit Nick on the 14th to the 25th. Though I have no idea what I`m going to do there for 11 days, these is what I have in mind. Visit the casino, (from what I heard from him, it`s super luxurious), go the the greet reef barrier, eat the fish market, drive around to the country side, the rest, we`ll figure out when I`m there.

From the 26th onwards, it`ll be tournament, tournaments and more tournaments. 26th-27th is dedicated to a debate tournament at Melbourne Uni, then 28th-31st to Monash, and from the 2nd to the 10th, the inanugural Australs Asians University Debating Championship at Monash as well. I`ll have like 2 days free in between, and Fiona from Macau Uni been bugging to ride the hot air balloon. Apparently it`s quite costly... I wonder if I have much cash to spare after by the end of June.

By the end of the trip, on 11th July, I`ll have to rush back to Malaysia to start my internship. It begins on 13th of July, and I just found out that I`m posted to a site at Bukit Mertajam by my company. Then I`ll begin my boring engineering life, in a isolated site area. Do find me if you stay around that area alright :(

I`m certain, that things are going to be quite different from now.

A relaxing Saturday,

Sarah turned 18 yesterday, finally.. after complaining for days before that how she felt old and don`t want to reach 18. Yeah, tell that to a guy turning 22 soon in a couple of months. Grrr. I brought 2 bottles of alcoholic drink to 'celebrate' (just a lunch actually) to occasion.

Which I ended up drinking most of it myself since she refused to touch it. *Sipping isn`t exactly drinking. We went to watch Star Trek after that, with a bottle of beer sneaked in. It could be the alcohol, but the movie was absolutely absolutely fantastic. I love that movie so much, that I feel like watching the entire series now.

After the movie, we then warp to Singapore and arrive there in 15 minutes.

What I meant is Perkampungan Singapore in the Mini Asian and Mini Malaysia Park. lol

It was closed then, but another entracce was open, so we just walk in. We visited Indonesia as well.

It reads, Rumah Tradisional Sulawesi.

What I really enjoyed was the obstacle course near Perkampugan Thailand.

this is actually very high already. It`s higher than a 1-storey building.

I sent Sarah home at 7 at met Adelene for dinner. And spent the night reading the Engineering Board of Reveiw cases that might come out in my paper this Wednesday :)

Death Wish

Some time in the future, we will inevetiblely look back into the past; browing through pictures and dairy excerpt. This is one of that you probably don`t want to remember. Nobody died. Nor something horribly bad happen. Rather, it was the absence of good things that made the days horribly hard to go by.

I woke up, with very little things to look forward to. In fact, the first thing that I want to do right after I rise, is to go back to bed. Perhaps I might dream of something nice. Any possibility of escape from reality is welcomed. Life have left me devoid of feeling. Or if any, it only left me sadness and frustration. These feelings of course, drown me with a gloomy aura that surrounds me wherever I go. It is very noticable, even someone who spent less than a few minutes with me in person can sense it.

That surely can`t be Alex, people say. Behind the façade of awards and achievements, people from a far, believed I lived a glorious and fullfiling life. Which only means my self propaganda is working. Facebook and Blogger have been a tool so effective in spreading this false perception, its beyond my comprehension. Even when I look back and read about the things I did, I`m fooled , like everyone else. That person is so happy and life seems to be favouring him well. It`s like looking at a person with unending happiness. It`s like a fairy tale. Only problem is, I`m living the reality.

And reality have nothing to do with the awards and achievemetns. There are virtually meaningless except for their physical presense in the form of throphies on my shelfs. It is ironic I have more medals than the number of friends. I can shed tears and not a single soul knew I did. I can go by days without uttering a single word, simply because there are no one to listen to them. Truth is; I would have died in my room and no one will notice. Until perhaps the rotten stench got so unbarable that my housemate will perhaps nudge me to clean up my room.

It is quite a remarkable feat, to start a new day, to be able to get down from the bed, to go to classes, to study for examination, and to continue chasing a pointless path of achievements. Knowing it meant absolutely nothing. Knowing that there is no destination at the end of the road. Living has merely became survival. It became an obligation.

Perhaps, if life were any kinder, I wouldn`t have to wake up at all.



A) Alex is love sick.

B) Alex is stressed due to the final examination.

C) Alex caught a flu.

Ans : C) Alex merely caught of flu. :P

School Days

I was looking back at my (photo) archives and I found a picture during my secondary school year. Presenting The Hill Street High top class of 2004, Setia. Sounds pretty glamorous right? It sounds utter rubbish in BM: SMK Jalan Bukit Kelas Setia 2004
It`s hard to believe that the chapter, seems so recent, was already 5 years away. However, almost every single person is still very much recognizable till today. I don`t think any of us changes that much. I look pretty much the same. Suet Nie is still equally short. Low still looks like a cow.... :P :P :P

Nope, I don`t really miss my school days that much, nor I wish I`m back at school. It`s just a nostalgic feeling. Its one of those, been there, done that and I`m happy. Let`s move on.

15 Random Updates

1) I spent the last few days in the library where each days were more than any of the time I ever spent there in the past few years.

2) I`ve missing out an important debate tournament which is ongoing right now.

3) And I`ll be missing a few more in the next week due to the final examinations.

4) I`m actually regretting booking my flight tp Aussie so early. In the first week of June, I`ll be missing 4 parties, 2 trips and 1 debate tournament.

5) I watched Angels and Demon today, and comparing it to the book, it was rather disappointing.

6) I have a funny feeling.

7) I sneaked Oreo's into the library today and ended up eating the half the packet in less than 5 mins.

8) I saw my mid term solution and realized how stupid I was not to be able to do it then.

9) Other coursework marks were equally disappointing.

10) Despite being asked to raise my CGPA above 3.8 to be nominated for the President`s Award, I no longer really care about it.

11) Watching youtube videos of people playing the violin, and then try playing it yourself is bloody frustrating.

12) My kitten bites everything he sees.

13) My housemate installed a aircon because the old analog meter seems to give a very low reading for my electrical bills (so low in fact it was free after the RM 20 subsidies). Just yesterday, TMB came and changed the meter to a digital one......

14) My room is so messy, I`ll pay people RM 50 to come and clean it up.

15) And I`ll pay any amount to not sit my stupid exam.

SMU Hammers Debate Tournament

I was down at Lion`s Land again (Singapore) last weekend for another debate tourney. I know, it`s like a week before my finals and I really didn`t want to go either.

Moral of the story : Don`t be a debate club president.

Though it wasn`t too bad. Apart from wasting loads money, meeting lousy teams junior teams, and getting feedback from adjs worst than UiTM`s..... it`s actually a fairly productive trip... not!

But I guess there were other fun thing that happen along the way. Like the "African Union" that convene after a debate regarding the AU.

And the night at Clark Quay, which I have not visited for half a year. I still love that place to bits, despite having absolutely no money to spend there.

Despite thing changed (like how Singapore is a lot more dirtier now), prices are still as expensive, and my wallet remain equally thin.

*that small drink cost me 35 ringgits!!!

Moral of the story : Clubbing is a horrible waste of money; regardless whether its Singapore or Malaysia.


By some random chance, I found the best picture to describe the situation. And it was a shot taken 3 years ago with my (lousy) hp back then.

a tale of the hardworking bear and the lazy dog

While everyone else is studying for the exam, I`m like Patric lazing around. Sigh!!! Getting to Singapore was no problem at all. Please drag me to the library. Please!!

It`s 3 weeks away!!

When I booked my tickets to Australia 4 months ago, the day never seems to be approaching. Without realizing it, I be heading my 6 weeks holiday in less than 3 weeks time. YAY. Melbourne looks extremely serene during the winter.

I can`t wait to eat grilled Australian lamb shoulder and try to ski for the first time!!!

If only I don`t have my exams to spoil my anticipation. Sighhh

/whinney mode: on

function (rants)

Assignment = A
Maybank Customer Service = MCS
Procrastination = P
Britain got Talent = BGT
People = G

% Rant 1
A is killing my brain cells. Answering them without the questions (because I left it in Malacca) is an attempt one should never make.

% Rant 2
MCS sucks. I took them more than 10 hours to approve my credit limit increase to 15k, after 3 calls went unanswered.

% Rant 3
G are just people you shouldn't have around. It makes life so much more miserable.

% Rant 4
BGT is a temporary addictive therapy. Goerge Sampson is extremely adorable. I`m turning gay. (ok.. as in happy gay.. which sounds probably worst)

% Rant 5
If I do P anymore, I`ll definetely repeat my semester. Somehow, that thought didn`t bothered me at all.

%Rant 6
for (1 - infinity)
repeat Rant 1- 5

*this is what happen if you spent the last one damm week programming for assignments.

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.