2 days before going to Aussie

It almost seems like a dream. That any second now, I`ll wake up and realized that I`m still stuck in the middle of my semester, and there`ll be no flight to Melb waiting for me.

Sometimes I wonder is it because I somehow don`t want to leave. It is funny how someone always look forward to something, but when it finally came; the prospect does seems that exciting anymore. The past 3 weeks had been extremely pleasant, despite the pressure of the examination. I even manage to watch ALL the latest movie in the cinema.

But as I pack my last box and load it into my car. I was reluctant to leave. Reluctant to say good bye. I felt as if I`m not coming back, forever. Its weird....

I`m distracting myself with vacations spots in Aussie. Snow skiing in Mt Baw Baw, wine tasting in Yarra Valley, a beach walk by the great Oceans, and casino in Sydney.

That said. Aussie, here I come :)


Aik 6:32 PM  

It's natural. When you get something you want, you'll feel guilty for leaving what you originally have. All of us do, or maybe it's just me.

Best wishes,

Alex 3:28 AM  

haha. you read quite a lot of post. :P I`m leaving in 3 hour`s time :)

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