Nuffnang Party@Maisons

Like any other Nuffnang party, it was great!

But unlike other events, I wasn`t that motivated to move around and talk to people. Neither did I took lots of pictures. So, for this entry, I`m going to nick all Terri`s picture. :P :P All I did that night was to stayed put, chat with just a few close friends of mine and enjoyed the free beer, a whole jug of it by myself. Weee. Everyone seem to have their own fun; just look at how happy they are when the Nuffnang stuff sang a song for everyone.

So thank you Terri, Tock, and Yati for your company during the party.

I`ve met a few other familar faces there as well. The usual Jamie and Karena, and a few other bloggers that I always see but never spoke to; Simon, Jeffro, Joshua etc. There`s also this tall girl, Nikita, who refered me as boy, *sigh. and cute japanese looking one called, Hitomi. That`s about it. The first Nuffnang party without camwhoring much. Signs of growing old. Sigh.

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