The sunset.

It`s been a while since I last went to the beach and watch the sunset. In fact, the last time I`ve been to this beach, was close to 4 years ago, during my 1st year in uni. That`s was pretty damm long ago.

Thank you for bugging me to go. I almost forgot how the sunset looked like.

MMU Awards 2009

I guess it`s time to blog again. I don`t have much excuse now not too. Most of my debate events are over. I don`t have any more midterms and classes are coming to an end. And it`s just plain wrong not to blog about this event which meant quite a lot to me and my club.

So, back to the event. MMU Awards is basically a night of celebration for the clubs and societies of this university. You`ll have your typical prom setting, grand hall, performances, unimportant VIP and not-too-lousy food. Though, the night was focused on the awards which comprises of 16 titles from 4 categories.

1.0 Awards for Programmes
1.1 Best Tournament / Competition Award
1.2 Best Exposition Program Award
1.3 Most Significant Charity Program Award
1.4 Best Website Award
1.5 Most Significant International Program Award
1.6 Most Outstanding Entrepreneurship Program Award
1.7 Largest Funding Raised for a Charitable Cause Award
1.8 Best Service Award

2.0 Individual Awards
2.1 Best Athlete Award (Male & Female)
2.2 Emerging Leader Award
2.3 Student Leader of the Year Award (Male & Female)
2.4 Golden Achievement Award

3.0 Special Awards
3.1 Community Engagement Award
3.2 Community Service / Humanitarian Award
3.3 Cultural Engagement Award
3.4 Diversity / Integration Award

4.0 Organizational Awards
4.1 Organizational Collaboration Award
4.2 Best Developing Club Award
4.3 Best Club Award :
- Best Religion / Culture / Language Based.
- Best Sports / Martial Art Based.
- Best Faculty Based.
- Best Interest Based.

Voices Melaka Debating Society was nominated for 4 awards;

a) Most Significant International Program Award (2nd World Mandarin Debate)
b) Best Tournament ( 1st Malaysia Debate Open)
c) Best Interest Based Club
d) Student Leader of the year award.

It was a surprise this week when we were told that all 4 nominations made it to the final 3. We thought with a little bit of luck, we can grab some of the awards.

The first award of the day was for the Best Tournament/Competition and our 1st Malaysia Debate Open won it. Though it wasn`t perfect, there are pretty impressed with how this tournament ran at such capacity with relatively low budget and resource. In fact, Mr Syukor told me it was such an outstanding tournament , I`ll present it to the Chancellor, Siti Hasmah (Tun Dr Mahathir`s wife) tomorrow during her campus visit.

The 2nd World Mandarin Debate won the most significant international program without much contest since none of the events was even remotely close to the scale of that tournament. So, many cheers for the Chinese debate division.

By then, halfway through the award, everyone`s done eating and you can see people walking around taking pictures, talking to friends from other clubs from different campuses. It met a few friend that I didn`t expect to see; like Rachel, Stephanie, and M.C, all whom I have not seen in a while. Some of them saw me when I was receiving the award and called to meet up.

president of the Robotics Club, who happens to be my classmate.

While busy talking to everyone else, they announced the Student Leader of the Year award, and I heard my name. Despite being nominated, I didn`t have much expectation for this award since there are so many other leaders who are far more charismatic and who have equally long CV to boast. In fact, the interview during for this award was one that I felt I didn`t stand out that much compared to the rest. After receiving personal congratulatory from the Student Affairs Assistant Director, and Student Representative Council, I accepted it with a humble smile.

*having said that, I make such a horrible role model. Sigh.

So with 3 awards, there`s only one left, the one that meant most for the clubs; the Best Interested Based Club. The new Voices Melaka was revived by Siew 4 years ago, and is pretty much an infant club. Last year, we were awarded the Best Developing Club Award and I thought it`s time to prove that our club is matured enough to compete with ones that are more establish (some since the university’s inception).

The last award for the day goes to; Voices Melaka Debating Society. *cheers!! And grins of envy from other tables. :P. Little did we know, we won all 4 of the awards nominated. Such recognition will surely help in publicity for our club next year. We already have few person who volunteered for next year`s Malaysia Debate Open right after the awards. Winning all these awards is a form of contribution towards my club for all the opportunities and experiences gained in these past 3 years. Thank you.


On the way to the Awards, we were messed up our appearance to look like ‘bad boys’ and threaten to take the awards (if we won any) in that.

So much for Student Leader of the Year. Lol.

It hurts.. more

Some wounds never heal completely. Or even if it does, the scars still hurts.

*stress can actually translate into physical pain. Suffering from severe headache.

Nuffnang Party@Maisons

Like any other Nuffnang party, it was great!

But unlike other events, I wasn`t that motivated to move around and talk to people. Neither did I took lots of pictures. So, for this entry, I`m going to nick all Terri`s picture. :P :P All I did that night was to stayed put, chat with just a few close friends of mine and enjoyed the free beer, a whole jug of it by myself. Weee. Everyone seem to have their own fun; just look at how happy they are when the Nuffnang stuff sang a song for everyone.

So thank you Terri, Tock, and Yati for your company during the party.

I`ve met a few other familar faces there as well. The usual Jamie and Karena, and a few other bloggers that I always see but never spoke to; Simon, Jeffro, Joshua etc. There`s also this tall girl, Nikita, who refered me as boy, *sigh. and cute japanese looking one called, Hitomi. That`s about it. The first Nuffnang party without camwhoring much. Signs of growing old. Sigh.

April Fool.

On April Fool`s day, I received a bear!

Luckly she didn`t say April Fool and took it back. Thank you so much!!

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