‘I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband’

When Anne told me about Nuffnang upcoming event, I was quite thrilled. To be frank, I haven`t had much chance to party since I came back to uni. Every week was spent debating or organization work for the Malaysia Debate Open. So, I`m actually looking forward to a non-debating related event, where I can make a fool out of myself without any repercussions of being laughed at in the next debate round.

But to my horror, the requirement this time is for me to imposonate a celebrity!! Gasp.........
I can`t recognize one to begin with, let alone copy them. So I resort to one of the common icon, Jay Chou. (very much to Anne`s dismay)

but even then.. I failed miserably.

The only thing that is similar between the two pictures is the word "Yamaha" on the piano. Swt. So I thought, perhaps I can imitate playing one of his songs. I kinda like Secret, the only decent movie he acted in.

but the attempt didn`t turn out really well either. Sigh....

Since I neither have the talents, not looks to become a real artist, let me go to this party and act as one alright!!


TianChad田七 8:53 AM  

Not bad :)
You can do better with the piano next time :)

Unknown 12:59 AM  


wow. u're good, man..

Alex 1:04 AM  

lol..this video is actually more more than a year ago. A year and a half actually. :P

Anonymous 3:47 PM  

You should just stick to being Blob ;p

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