‘I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband’

When Anne told me about Nuffnang upcoming event, I was quite thrilled. To be frank, I haven`t had much chance to party since I came back to uni. Every week was spent debating or organization work for the Malaysia Debate Open. So, I`m actually looking forward to a non-debating related event, where I can make a fool out of myself without any repercussions of being laughed at in the next debate round.

But to my horror, the requirement this time is for me to imposonate a celebrity!! Gasp.........
I can`t recognize one to begin with, let alone copy them. So I resort to one of the common icon, Jay Chou. (very much to Anne`s dismay)

but even then.. I failed miserably.

The only thing that is similar between the two pictures is the word "Yamaha" on the piano. Swt. So I thought, perhaps I can imitate playing one of his songs. I kinda like Secret, the only decent movie he acted in.

but the attempt didn`t turn out really well either. Sigh....

Since I neither have the talents, not looks to become a real artist, let me go to this party and act as one alright!!

Borneo Debating Championship

I actually remember shouting when they announce the winner. MMU Melaka won the 2009 Borneo Debating Championship. It was an awesome feeling. Perhaps pictures will say it better. But all the photo`s are not with me. So, I`ll update this entry sometime later in the future.

Till then, I need to get rid of a hangover. Nites people

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