Sabah Again!!

I`n flying of to Kotak Kinabalu to attend the Borneo Open hosted by University Malaysia Sabah.

Wish us luck alright :)

Voices at Genting!!

I have made another trip to Genting, this time with my club debate members. With my free rooms from Genting, (for Valentine) and some points from the casion, and my grandma`s points, I booked 5 rooms to accomodate the debate club juniors for their first retreat. Everyone was energectic about it, starting from Mansisha, who waves franctically to every cable car that passed us during the ride.

manisha says : why no one waves back at me :(

It was only at this trip that I realized that I`m actually that old. Among the juniors there are 17 and 18 years old, which seems perfectly fine until I was reminded that I`m going to be 22 this year. sobsssss*

the young people.....

I`ll so not reveal my age anymore. In fact, I shall still act like I`m 17.

acting 17.... months.

Being the old mean person that I am, I made them debate right after we arrive. It was quite wonderful, that despite the hectic schedule, we still manage to head to the theme park, casino (yes, I sneak some of them in) without compromising planned 3 rounds of debate.

my free dinner, courtesy of Uncle Lim.

Though that would mean almost no sleep at all. Not surprisingly, you have someone who died halfway.

Naz fell asleep in the middle of the bowling center. And we left him there.

And so Voices heads back to Malacca, all happy, tired, and broke. :)

This semester.

The first two weeks of every semester are usually pleasant. We don`t have to do tutorials, classes are usually cancancled, and club events are spaced out equally over the week. I`m not too sure if it`s just me, but the last 2 week had been extremely stressful.

2 weeks into the semester I have already:

skip 8 lectures,
submited 37 sponsor letters,
met 6 hotel managers,
typed 14 official letters,
sent 50+ emails.
had 6 meetings,
had 9 Tennis sessions,
conducted three debate training,
organized a recruitment drive,
visited (almost) every single admitrative department in MMU,
hand in my internship application for a company in Germany,
had a fight with my committee members,
organized a birthday outing for a friend,

My only escaped is on Tuesday night, where I spent a couple of hours playing Mahjong with my classmates. Even then, my luck for extremely bad, which contributed slightly to my stress level. I have to admit that I find harder these day to find the time to blog. The very little free time I have, I rather spent it on playing the piano, or just sleep!

Tomorrow I`ll be leaving for Genting to prepare my juniors for a the Novice debate tournament on March 7th/8th. Next Wednesady I`ll be going of to Kota Kinabalu, again, for the Borneo Cup. If things goes smooth sailing, MMU Malacca might take home the trophy :) weeeeee. Else, another holiday trip to Sabah is not too bad I guess :)

Happy Valentine`s Day

I`m sure there are many stories to share.

Funny enough, mine involves no girls at all. In defience of the law of nature, or perhaps it`s just a guy's revenge......all my friends decided that we will spent the day with just all guys and not join the girls. It`s probably the oddest thing that had happen since most of the guys are the one that usually compromises anything to go out with females. And to decline invitation to go out clubbing from a group of girls, on Valentine day is just...weird.

But the weird day was fun. Probably the most fun outing I`ve had in weeks. The afternoon was spent playing golf. To which most of our parents replied 'Oi!! how old are you guys to be playing golf.. go and study laa".

repeat after me: style before skills, style before skills.

None of us actually knew how to play. So we just randomly swing and pray that our club hits the ball. Some of the swings actually turned out really well. Chong crossed 130 meter, which is amazing by my standards. It`s my 3rd session and none of my ball crossed 100m. Luck or skill, no one`s going to play long enough to care :). Of course, with such random shots, some turned out dissastourously.

weng kit who had to stop the entire range from playing so he can picked up his club which flew to the 30m into the shooting area.

But it was fun none the less. At night, we went to Karaoke. Without the opposite sex, none of us held back and sang regardless whether we know the song or not. There`s no such thing as your song, or my song. Everyone had to sing every single song.... and this last for 4 hours straight.

the night was dedicated to Kian Liang, birthday on 17th of Feb, and Nick, who just left for Aussie few hours ago.

A cycle of shouting, eating, throwing tibits, shouting, eating, throwing tibits kept us entertained throughout the night. I swear I gained at least 2 kilo just from last night.

We left the place about 3am and headed to play Dota for one last time before Nick leaves. This marks the last time all 9 of us will be together doing such things until he comes back from Aussie next year.

I hope your 14th of Feb was as fun as mine. Happy Valentine`s Day people.

Its been too long

I made a record breaking of 12 days without uploading anything!!!!

If you have been catching me on facebook, you will realized that quite a lot of things happen in the past 2 weeks. Coming back to school after 4 months of holiday has been quite a challenge. I hours daily conducting meetings, doing paperwork, meeting administration officers, corporate executives (for sponsors), formulating training schedule, entertaining countless questions for debate club presidents of other institutions (for an event I`m organinzing) and searching a potential company for my internship.

It`s easy to forget that I have classes to attend, piano pieces to practice... and a life. *ok fine, I don`t have one.

Over the weekends, my house got broke into while I attending the Model United Nation in NTU, Singapore. Thankfully, only a couple of things got stolen; my external hardisk, spoilt laptop, some foreign currency and a box of 50 sens coins. I thought I lost my Ipod which Adelene gave, but I found it under my pile of stuff. Having a messy room does have some benefit :)

At Singapore, I was made Best Delagate of the World Trade Organization council, where I represented Canada. It`s the highest award you can receive in your respective council, and they gave it to a country ('s delegate) who have nothing except logs and ice hockey. Despite winning the award, it was certainly less fun c0mpared to last year, where I represented Iran in Security Council and constantly threaten to wage war.

Arun (my debate club junior) and I

The food this year however was significant better, and that kinda made up for the lousy time in council.

The people this year are also a lot friendlier. During socials, we actually end up dancing (to Hindi music!!!!) together. By the time I reach Malaysia, there`s already more than 8 friends request on my facebook, all with messages congratulating me for the win.

Mai (left) was the first to break the news to me as I didn`t knew about the award. I missed the closing ceromony to catch the last bus back to Malaysia

The delegate of South Africa

There`s lots of other event ahead of me. I have yet to finish my borneo adventure's story. Maybe I`ll spend one day just sitting down to blog and settle all the stuff I`m procrastinating (like cleaning my room). But till then. toodles.

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.