Youth 09! It starts today!

People have been asking me, why am I promoting this event. I`m telling you in all honesty. I did not get paid a sen for this. Nor am I promised any incentive at all. In fact, I spent the last 2 days distributing flyers of the event all over Bukit Bintang.. so you guys BETTER come.

In a way, it has been fun.. doing stupid stuff like this even when you`re out of uni. For starters, I met another new bunch of people...

*all pictures are courtesy of Michelle's.

took random pictures on the KL Hoponhopoff bus (which was free for us during the roadshow)

bullied a street performer (the one acting like a statue)

we were thinking of ways to stick the poster somewhere on him.... any suggestions?

Acted like a tourist... and if the foreigners do ask.. we`ll say we`re from Singapore. :P

If you can imagine how much fun we had by just giving out leaflets, the real event will be a zillion times better. To check the schedule of the event, click here. Registration for most tournaments are still open. I even heard that they are doing away with the event pass thing.. so just show up alright. Give your support to the biggest youth event of the year!!!

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