Wear your seat belts

It haven`t seat in the back seat for a while. Not since the new ruling of mandatory compulsory seat belt at the rear seats applies. My opinion of that rule? Good but not practical. Not in Malaysia anyways. I find it exceptionally ironic that they exempt cars of 15 years and above and cars with 4 passenger at the rear end. Aren`t these the vehicles that usually result in high casualities during an accident.

I personally felt rear seat belt is too much of a nuisance to justify a minimal decrease in accident risk. If it were all that good. I would have use all 3 of them, like this.

Now the biggest risk is getting yourself a 300 bucks fine from the police.

p.s. I`ll update Day 2 in a while. Will be off to Genting to celebrate by Dad`s birthday tomororw.


HeartzOfGold 2:52 PM  

why are you wearing our uitm shirt?!?

cereal87 11:29 AM  

Lol... you should take the picture abit further. Let us have a clear view on the middle seatbelt also just to mean business ;)

Alex 4:12 PM  

Joash - ICRC IHL`s debate. That`s why
Ian - My hand not that long laa

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