Venice Hill memories

4 years ago, around the same time of the year, I working for my aunt as well. She was living in one of the Venice Hill apartment near Cheras. A couple of days back, I helped her in moving some of the stuff back to her old apartment and I was surprised that I actually missed this place.

I stayed here about a month, but I couldn`t remember how the interior looked like. Until I walked into the place, with recognizable furniture, I was feeling slightly nostalgic. Everything is beautiful here. The simple finishing. The normal white tiles. The scenery of a mountain side. The clean and cool air.....

That the tv I used to watch episodes of Air Crash Investigation and Megastructures every night.
Back then it was actually slightly more messy.. haha. The new tenant kept this place better than us.

The place here is so cooling, that there`s no need to switch on the fan.
And you can still see the city center and its display of lights and night. Sure, this place is not as fancy as the service suite in Time Square. But, at the very least.. this place feels more like home.


Anonymous 11:06 PM  

Air Crash* Investigation you mean..

Alex 12:35 AM  

you`re right!! haha. my mistake.

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