Up in the skies, and down in the deep sea

I can`t believe it. I`ll be leaving for Kota Kinabalu in a few days time. The only thing I have right now is my an email with my flight schedule. No booking for accommodation, no idea where we are heading.... nothing at all.

There was a plan initially. And it was fairly detail. Arrive in the morning, head to town to check in. Meet up a friend of mind for lunch. Do some sight seeing around KK and settle in a nice seafood restaurant for dinner. After a good rest, we`ll wake up early in the morning the next day to hike Mount Kinabalu.

We`ll come down, rest another day, and fly to Pulau Labuan the day after. There, we will have our chance to do some wreck diving.

and spent the night downing all the duty free booze. I can only keep my fingers crossed that things will still go well despite not booking anything. Yet, I can`t help but feeling excited on expereincing a completely random trip doing thing whatever we feel like doing at that point of time.

*I just hope that we don`t get slosh every hour of the entire trip...which is quite likely to happen.


Anonymous 1:14 AM  

I didn't know you were a scuba diver as well! You should check out the dive sites that we have out here. :p

Alex 11:28 PM  

haha.. i don`t have a diving license, though I look forward for one. :P will check your site out!

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