A random tale of a Friday night..

For a big part of Friday, it was rather boring. I was finishing my 2nd novel in 3 days. I designed a flyer and done some simple price survey for the condominiums around the golden triangle. And Friday being the day before the weekend, there’s a irresistible urge to go out. Out anywhere, but home. Worst still, there`re no calls from anyone at all.

So, I randomly text the last person on my inbox and the reply was.. ‘I`ll find you in a while’. Not an answer one would usually expect from a 16 year old girl who`s suppose to stay at home doing assignments and nods at mom to sleep early. Since I`m in a mood of being random (and blur).. I didn`t ask much questions. At 10.30, I`m staring at a bunch of unfamiliar people in La Bodega, Pavilion, wondering on earth is happening.

No thanks to Jamie of course, who ‘claim’ to meet me but overspent her time meeting another group of friends. In fact, had I not offer to walk all the way from Times Square because I was too bored, I might as well as forget about meeting up. That said, it wasn`t such a lousy choice after all to take a stroll there. The crowd didn’t look too bad. I did recognize someone. Actually, initially, it was something rather than someone. This…

god knows why he bring this shit, literally, everywhere.

and it was doubtless his. I met Tock for the first time… sober. Apart from the death threat of not revealing that picture, he`s fine guy. (*don`t ask what picture). There are a whole bunch of other bloggers and people from the press. Some of their names are familiar if you read blogs a lot. Apparently, this was a party for a Nokia event. Then, the sudden realization brought some unwanted enlightenment. I was crashing a party, uninvited.

No one seemed to mind though. Even the host said hi and was rather friendly. So, I turned out to be a good night…. until the party ended earlier than I expected, and I had to walk home, alone.

*update. Another random thing happened today. For no reason, I called my ex classmate for lunch. For no reason, we decided to eat chicken /duck/roast pork rice Sg Wang.. and for no reason at all, it cost us RM 52 ringgit. Wtf. I could pay for a buffet. Living in KL is so full of surprises.


§pinzer 1:45 AM  


I'm jusst here to remind u about the death threat.


ok i kid. we should meet up sometimes. i think you've potential ;)

Alex 2:46 AM  

Lol, I told you that the next time you mention potential, be specific. Now what would others think. :P

§pinzer 1:13 AM  

isnt' that the fun part ? ;)


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