New Year fatigue

You wondered is there actually such a thing.

The past few days has been a repetition of a deadly cycle. Since new year`s eve, it has been dinner-gamble-drink-dota-supper-gamble-drink-dota-breakfast-gamble-drink-dota-lunch-gamble-drink-dota.......... It is potentially fatal especially when sleep is out of the equation.

It has been really hectic. Our schedules are filled to the brink. Have a look:

CNY Day 1

0000 : Kian Liang`s house party
0700 : Breakfast
0730 : Dota at CC
0900 : Church
1200 : Died
1500 : Ressurected for lunch
1530 : Entertaint guest and relatives
1930 : Dinner
2100 : Pool with cousins and uncled.
2300 : New Year party at home

Day 2

0200 : Dota at CC
0400 : Yum Cha session
0500 : Watch anime
0800 : Died.. again
1300 : Head for home town.
1500 : Gamble with uncle and aunties.
1800 : Dinner
1900 : Head back to Kajang for friend meet up
1930 : Yum Cha at Beach Cafe
2000 : Dinner at Chong`s.
2100 : Dota at CC
2330 : Yum Cha/gamble at Beach cafe.

Day 3

0200 : Dota at CC
0500-0700 : dizzy, lost tracked what happened before collapsing and slept.
1200 : Breakfast left-over turned lunch.
1300 : blogging this stupid entry

---> plans to come.

1400 : Visiting at Michelle`s place
1600 : Visiting at Grace`s place
1800 : Steamboat at Sunway
2100 : I-don`t-want-but-probably-end-up-doing-it-any-Dota session
0000 : I realized you can`t plan for every single hour of the day and this is getting ridiculous.

There`s a quite a lot of things left to do in this short period of holiday. I can`t believe that my 4 months of holidays will finally come to and end in another 5 days. I have yet visit my auntie and greatgrandmother (tomorrrow) and buy groceries for Grace`s Farewell party (Friday). Sigh, I would love to skip another sem! :(

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