Grace's Farewell Party

It was quite fun. In fact, more fun than my own birthday party, even though both is held at my place.

Grace, my class monitor for 5 years, is finally leaving for Aussie to complete her final year.

*grace and pig. you`ll recognized them as the girl who appear every of our clubbing session :)

There was no alcohol that night. It seems that my resolution of reduce drinking slowly materialized without needing me to put much effort at all. The night was spent with people eating steamboat, cards,mahjong and camwhoring.

What made the party awefully fun and unique was this. The best lou sang session I ever had.

many many hands, extremely messy, and empty in 2 minutes.
That`s the way how yee sang should be eaten :P

Everyone will be graduating soon. I believe in the years to come, there`ll even more people to join us for the Chinese New Year's lou sang.

*4 ex classmates in 4 different state of Australia.

In two weeks time, all of them will be leaving back to Aus. :(


joann lee 1:14 AM  

believe it or not, i never liked the taste of yee sang but the one we had at your place tasted so good. mana beli??

Alex 3:29 AM  

it was good because it was tossed by like..15 people? Lol

I`m need to ask my dad where he bought it. I think it`s at our family usual's which is the chinese restaurant at Metro Inn.

joann lee 2:37 PM  

haha..probably need 15 chopsticks to have a good yee sang then :p

Anonymous 9:19 AM  

Lol... Why is everyone doing the reduced or stop drinking resolution these days... O_O.

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