Borneo Adventures Day 1 - Kinabalu City

There are so much to tell about the trip. From the death march/hike to Mt Kinabalu, to bizarre coincidence of meeting classmates, the randomness of hitch hiking a ride, bunk in a stranger's place, and a panic-stricken Alex when we missed our plane, this trip is one that I`ll try not to forget in my entire lifetime. I`ll break down my trip into the days, for each is spent in a very unique way. There`s not a single day that was wasted, and the amazing adventure starts with the taxi ride to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.........

Tank, was already looking more dead than alive when I saw him on Tuesday midnight. He had barely an hour since he arrive when I dragged him to the taxi and head for the airport. Frankly speaking, at that point of time... neither of us are too excited about this trip. Another friend had just bailed on us and didn't turn up, I had lot`s of work left undone, and we are all exhausted. It was only when we took our boarding pass and walked towards the aircraft, that the holidaying mood kicks in.

Kota Kinabalu, by itself, is not very special. There were surprisingly many cars for a town that wasn`t very developed. The traffic is quite bad. The people speaks a weird Malay slang that even I had difficulty listening to them. Yet, all the shortcomings never mattered as I was captured by the beauty of the shore right from the time when the aircraft was landing on the airport by the seaside.

Tank and I on day 1. There`s nothing gay about two guys taking a walk by the seaside.

The coast line stretches from the city all the way to a quiet beach in the outskirts. After we made our travel arrangement to Mt Kinabalu in town (yes.. it was that last minute), we headed towards the jetty.

This place looks like a perfect place to fish. It`s peaceful, empty, and the water is clean. To put that into perspective, this is probably the only place where the waters around the capital of a state is clean enough for not to want to die if you fell in it.

We really wondered where the boat heads.

But we didn`t fish in the end as we wanted to explore the shore a little more. Besides, we still have some groceries and equipements to buy for the hike the day after. Like a terrorist winter mask for example.

oh yes.. imagine walking into the airport with these while shouting "Allah U Akhbar"

Alright, we didn`t get to fish, but the oddest thing happen. Somewhere. somehow, we did found a school of fish.... on land.

So, we`ll have to be contented with a simple (photo) catch by the camera.

the fish had Bugsy's eye.

We then met up with Melanie, my former debate partner during the Philippine National Championship for a quick meet up since she works and lives around this area. She then took us to a beach where the locals hang out. We even saw a couple photo shooting their wedding pictures. This is a testament to how beautiful the beach there.

Once a while, a few person jogs pass you but that`s about it. There are very few people around this beach. In fact, we saw more crabs then humans. Albeit, very small crabs. There are so bored because there are so few people, the crabs spent most of the time making sand balls.

For some reason, I found those sand balls really amusing, and I`ve been trying to take a picture of a crab making one. Though most of it ran away as soon as I approached. I got so fed up with them hiding into the sand, that I covered all their exits. (this will actually do nothing as they`ll just dig out with ease.)

So the best revenge against sea creatures? Visit the local market!!!

I`m guessing the whole family must have been there. And the day concluded with Alex the terrorist murdering a bunch of sea creatures.

End of Day 1


cereal87 11:32 AM  

Haha... your malay is wierd too :P

Public transport here is very inconvenient. That's why most of us prefer to drive.

And you missed simpang mengayau when you was in Sabah?

Alex 4:11 PM  

Apparently I missed a lot of things. Must go back to Sabah one day

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