3..2..1.. Happy new year!!


It was quite an experience to celebrate new year in KL. Apart from the horrible hooligans that are constantly trying to molest the girls.....it was extremely fun having the countdown with zillions of other random strangers. When the clock strike 12, it rained snow and fire. (as in snow sprays and fireworks).

It was damm fun spraying ppl, and not so fun getting sprayed at. Lol. But it`s a package, and my only regret was not buying enough of those snow spray cans. It`s as closed as you can get to a white Christmas/New Year in Malaysia.

After we ran out of sprays, we quickly retreat back into our room in the Times Square service suite to shower. Clean and happy, we are ready to party on...

*taken from Jamie. I damm like this picture.

Oi.. jamie.. more pictures laaaa.. I know the you and grace took a lot that night. I even had pictures of both of you two taking pictures.... of each other.

Ok I ran out of pictures to continue blogging. So here`s the last one I have in my phone. I don`t remember taking too many since I was busy drinking entertaining the guest the entire night. :)

It was a good start to a good year. Love you all to bits :)

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