World University Peace Invitational Debate 2008

As pretentious as it may sound, there`s a glimmer hope for peace when all the brightest mind in the world come together...drunk. :p Alright, that`s not entirely true :P at least the brightest mind part :P

The tournament was suppose to consist of the top 30 debating universities in the world. A world class debate tournament, with 5 star accommodation, a total of TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND RINGGIT ringgit cash prize and the all this completely FREE since the tournament is completely subsidized by CIMB. Who would resist that offer?

Despite such incentive, few of the top university didn`t turn up either, especially from the European nations like Oxford and Cambridge as Worlds is just a weeks away and it make no sense for them to fly all the way to Malaysia and fly back to Ireland within 10 days. That said, the pool of the tournament is still pretty strong with Unis from Harvard, Monash, Sydney, Melboune, Ateneo, Nus and the other debate powerhouses.

Where did MMU Malacca stand? We actually did quite well in this tournament. Daniel and I ended up on 19th place, which is very close to breaking into the quarter finals. Considering the level of the debate in this tournament, I`m satisfied. Besides, what more can I ask for when I have a week of free 5 star hotel, room parties and a reunion with all my friends from other countries.

Ahh, I seem to miss them already. And I also hate them cuz most of them are going to Ireland next week to attend the World Univeristy Debating Championship, while I`ll rot here trying to earn a third world nation's wage.

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