National Health Science Debate 09.

From the previous post, you can conclude that the tournament did not go well. Yeap, in fact, the disappointment can match the tournament in Worlds where Suria and I were unfairly denied the chance to break in the ESL category.

Don`t get more wrong though, we did'nt fare too badly either. In fact, the first 3 rounds were awesome, we had a 2nd, followed by two 1st, accumulating 8 points out of 9. We're in fact, the 2nd highest ranking team at that point. Whether it`s over confidence, or the lunch, or exhaustion.. a mental blockage took over and the next 2 rounds was dissastorous; 4th place in both of them. Thus, our team only scored 8 out of the total 15.

And it only requires 9 points to move to the semi-finals. Which necessary means that all we need is at least a 3rd position in any of the 2 rounds to gain that 1 point. Yeap. Ouch indeed.

That said, I`m pretty alright now. This tournament had been pretty much unpredictable all the way. From having to reschedule everything to a day earlier, to cancellation of teams,..... I`m glad that I manage to attend it in the first place. It has been quite a while since I see all my friends from the other universities. I even met an ex school mate of mine who have just joined the debating team of UKM.

But the biggest surprise of the day was when I sneak in the lecture theater that has a grand piano and ask Joash ( a medical student in IMU), to come along to play it. I have heard that he`s a very good pianist, though I never expected that to be a gross understatement. He is the most talented pianist I`ve met so far. (coming from a family with musical background, that says something). While I`m struggling to play Chopin`s walts and etudes, he completed his diploma when he was 14. It seems so natural when he plays it, unlike many other who seemed like forcing themselve on the keys to produce the melody, namely myself. On one hand, that was very inspiring, on the other, it just makes me feel like an useless, untalented, noise producer.

It`s been 2 months since I really sat down and practice. The songs that I use to play flawlessly turns into pieces with missing notes and uneven tempo. Perhaps one of my biggest childhood regrets is not attending piano classes. It`s a little too late to make up for it, but right now, I can`t wait to be back in Malacca and continue my piano lessons which I took up few months ago.

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